Ron's valves Bent valves
Missing brake pad Neighbor's brake issue
Kevin's tensioner Dr Jekyll's tensioner failure
Streetwerke Visited while in Pal Alto, CA
Friend's Cars VW/Audis at my house
Parking Lot Parking lot buddies
P-Head The pogerhead
Empty How empty was I?

My S4 Bus

School bus love

Waterfest8 2002 Results from car show

DAP's Euros

S4 Euro Headlight Housing install

DAP's Gauge

Omori Boost Gauge install in center vent

Evening Audis

Pics taken just after sunset of 4 Audis

Ron_C's Euros

S4 Euro Headlight Housing install

Saturn Color

My Saturn is not purple!

Saturn Gas

Gas mileage of my '94 Saturn SL2

Scott's ZR1

1/4mi @ ZR1 Week on 5/11/00


Sightings along the road

WJM Stage3

Installing Will's APR Stage 3 Kit

Sub Box

A Sub Box I made for a JL Audio 12w3

Nick's Stereo

Moving my stereo to Nick's Car

Scott's Exhaust

Swapping my exhaust onto Scott's car


A4 & S4 Avant pics

Cars I Drove

Cars that I drove (old)

Vanity Plates

Suggested Vanity Plates for an Audi/A4

Clear Tails

Pics of Clear/Smoked Taillights on the A4

Cup holder

How the A4 99.5+ Cup holder comes apart


I drove this, before they were in the US

Yellow Autos

My tribute to Yellow Cars


Beer Pong_Rack Keep the cups aligned


16" of snow in CT on 2/12/06

Charter Day '02


Super Sunday

Thousands of Motorcycles in Danbury, CT

Shea Stadium

High res pics at a Mets game

Charter Day '01



22" of snow in CT on 2/5/01


13" of snow in CT on 12/30/00

Charter Day '00





Hot or Cold

Temperature extremes in CT

Deck Stairs

Built new stairs for my deck


2000 Malibu


Built a shed