In the process of selling my A4, I sold my complete stereo system to Nick.  Below are the pics of the installation into his car.  Both sets of door speakers and the rear deck ones swapped easily, as did the install of the subs.  However, the other stuff (headunit, EQ, & the whole trunk side) was new for various reasons (he has a 99.5, where mine was a '00).  Enjoy!

mvc241f.jpg mvc242f.jpg mvc243f.jpg mvc244f.jpg
mvc245f.jpg mvc246f.jpg mvc247f.jpg mvc255f.jpg
mvc256f.jpg mvc257f.jpg mvc258f.jpg mvc259f.jpg
mvc260f.jpg mvc261f.jpg mvc262f.jpg mvc263f.jpg
mvc264f.jpg mvc337f.jpg mvc338f.jpg mvc344f.jpg
mvc345f.jpg mvc346f.jpg mvc347f.jpg mvc348f.jpg
mvc349f.jpg mvc350f.jpg mvc351f.jpg mvc352f.jpg
mvc353f.jpg mvc354f.jpg mvc355f.jpg mvc356f.jpg
mvc357f.jpg mvc358f.jpg