NEQ Winter Driving School Pictures

There are 218 pictures on 4 pages - be sure to check them all out. They are chronological through the weekend (2/5-6/00)

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mvc266f.jpg mvc267f.jpg mvc268f.jpg mvc269f.jpg mvc270f.jpg
mvc271f.jpg mvc272f.jpg mvc273f.jpg
Joan on skidpad
mvc274f.jpg mvc275f.jpg
Smile :o)
mvc276f.jpg mvc277f.jpg mvc278f.jpg mvc279f.jpg mvc280f.jpg
Mark P, on skidpad
mvc281f.jpg mvc282f.jpg mvc283f.jpg mvc284f.jpg mvc285f.jpg
mvc286f.jpg mvc287f.jpg mvc288f.jpg mvc289f.jpg mvc290f.jpg
mvc291f.jpg mvc292f.jpg mvc293f.jpg mvc294f.jpg mvc295f.jpg
mvc296f.jpg mvc297f.jpg mvc298f.jpg mvc299f.jpg mvc300f.jpg
mvc301f.jpg mvc302f.jpg mvc303f.jpg
Nicole, sizing up the track
mvc304f.jpg mvc305f.jpg
Now why is the driver still in the warm car?
Looks like...
...yup, a cone!
mvc309f.jpg mvc310f.jpg
mvc311f.jpg mvc312f.jpg mvc313f.jpg mvc314f.jpg mvc315f.jpg
mvc316f.jpg mvc317f.jpg mvc318f.jpg mvc319f.jpg mvc320f.jpg
Already wiped 3" of snow off the hood

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