NEQ Winter Driving School Pictures

There are 218 pictures on 4 pages - be sure to check them all out. They are chronological through the weekend (2/5-6/00)

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Summer tires on ice course
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Blue Group minus Mark P behind camera
Blue Group minus Mark P behind camera
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mvc231f.jpg mvc232f.jpg mvc233f.jpg
Jeff on skidpad
mvc234f.jpg mvc235f.jpg
mvc236f.jpg mvc237f.jpg mvc238f.jpg mvc239f.jpg mvc240f.jpg
as if all pics would be in focus
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mvc247f.jpg mvc248f.jpg mvc249f.jpg mvc250f.jpg
mvc251f.jpg mvc252f.jpg mvc253f.jpg mvc254f.jpg mvc255f.jpg
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Alan, Wendy, and our indoor facilities

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