"The Wait"

Many people always ask about the process of ordering an Audi.  When I purchased my A4, I received updates from my salesman, but I never really documented them.  This time around, I will.  Of course, every order is different, so this is merely my story.  Based on the 4/23 fax, it looks like I'll be getting a '02, not a '01.  Hmmm, wonder if there will be any changes.  As it turns out, there are none.  

I took delivery of my Imola S4 Avant 155 days after I ordered it.

4/16/01 Placed order for my S4
Put down a deposit
4/23 Car assigned to me.
My salesman called to tell me that he found an S4 Avant that was part way through the process, and changed it to include my options.  He'll fax me the form showing all the info
4/23 Received fax of what will be my car
5/15 Build week changed (postponed) from #13 to #20 (updated on 5/11)
6/1 My salesman called AoA, or whomever and checked on the status of my car, since the computer system hadn't been updated.  Turns out, my car is currently being built and it is approaching "Final Assembly".  I'm guessing 6-8 weeks for delivery, putting that around 7/20.  We'll see how it goes.
6/11 From my last conversation with my salesman, I figured my car should be completed during the week of 6/4-8.  Somewhere near the end it would have been assigned a VIN.  I called my salesman to check on the status and have him fax me the status report.  As the Fax shows, it has a VIN #!  I'm still guessing that it'll show up around 7/20.
6/23 Some day before today, my car arrived in the Port
7/9 My car is in the Port, yet there are bad rumors that Audi is not yet ready to release the 2002 S4's.  Popular opinion is that this would upset their 2001 car sales.  I called my salesman (who called the regional rep) and also Audi Client Relations.  No one has actual pricing yet on these cars.  Original word was that the release may not be until late Aug, early Sept.  Then I heard the tentative release is the week beginning 7/23 - much better.  Info also indicates that all "sold" cars will be released immediately - whenever that is?  Maybe that'll happen around 7/23, and the others will wait till late Aug?  The fax shows that my car is in Port and awaiting inspection (as of 6/23).
7/19 Spoke to Audi Client Relations.  They said the '02 S4s will not be released until September, per an email they received earlier today.
7/23 Steve S says that "sold" cars should come through, and non-sold ones will wait till September.
8/19 "2002S4" is the first person on the Audiworld Forums to report that he has taken delivery of his '02 S4.
Guessing now that my car will show up during the first half of Sept.
8/24 Ted K took deliver of his '02 S4.
8/31 Another guy got his '02 S4 and reports the pricing to be the same as '01
9/1 Waseem got his '02 S4.
9/5 The people above who have taken delivery have "motivated" their salesman/dealerships to get their cars released from port.  This can be done for any of these cars that is marked as Sold.  Mine is, but for personal reasons, I'm going to wait until it makes it's way out of port on it's own schedule. 
9/10 Ok, I called my salesman today and asked him to officially request the release of my car.  He called me back later in the day to say it was in motion.  It just needs to be put on a truck destined for my dealership, and then prepped upon arrival.  Assuming delivery early next week (9/17-19). 
9/11 I stopped by my dealership today and spoke with my salesman.  
9/13 Salesman called to tell me that my car was released to the carrier on Tuesday (9/11).  It's only a 2-3 hour drive, but who knows when the truck actually leaves and what other stops it may have along the way.
9/17 Called salesman to find out that he hadn't heard anything more on my car.  He called the carrier and then called me back to say that it was loaded onto the truck earlier today and should be at the dealership tomorrow.  If it gets in early, they should have it prepped for evening delivery, otherwise it will have to wait till Thursday (9/20), since my salesman is out on Wed.
9/18 Salesman called me to report good and bad news.  Good news is that the car is there and is being prepped.  Bad news is that the Certificate of Origin is not at the dealership yet and they can't register the car without it.  If it comes in today's mail, I can pick up the car tonight, otherwise Thurs is the earliest if the certificate comes on Wed or Thurs.

Certificate did come in today's mail and I am picking up the car at 6:30 :)

only had to wait 155 days :(