The neighbors sometimes comment on the Audi/VWs that tend to be at my house. I decided to see if I could quantify it to see what they were seeing (I hardly notice it anymore). Here are some friend's cars that are either visiting or getting some work done...

dsc02240.jpg     Will - Deep Blue R32
Klaudia - Black Passat 1.8T
Platinum Jetta GLI 1.8T 
Me - Silver Golf 1.8T
Michelle - Silver Golf 2.0
dsc02214.jpg dsc02215.jpg dsc02218.jpg Dave - Nogaro S4
dsc02129.jpg dsc02130.jpg   Kevin - Black S4 (1)
dsc02086.jpg dsc02090.jpg   Dave - Nogaro S4
dsc01879.jpg     Chris - Silver S4 
Dave - Nogaro S4
dsc01877.jpg     Toni - Santorin A4 1.8T
dsc01876.jpg     Dave - Nogaro S4
dsc01783.jpg     John - Silver S4
Charles - Silver S4
Ron - Silver S4
Me - Imola Yellow S4
dsc02907.jpg     Silverstone Passat 1.8T
dsc02347.jpg     Tony - UrQ
dsc02632.jpg     Josh - Silver S4
Platinum Jetta GLI 1.8T 
Scott - Bamboo A4 1.8T
dsc01697.jpg dsc01441.jpg dsc01440.jpg Me - Imola Yellow S4
Dave - Nogaro S4 
Scott - Bamboo A4 1.8T
dsc03861.jpg dsc03859.jpg dsc03860.jpg Kevin - Black S4 (2)
Brian - Imola Yellow S4 
dsc03062.jpg dsc03065.jpg dsc03066.jpg Tony - Laser Red A4 1.8T
Mike - Black S4
Dave - Nogaro S4
Stephen - Black S4
Kevin - Black S4 (2)
Klaudia - Black Passat 1.8T
Me - Silver Golf 1.8T
Platinum Jetta GLI 1.8T
Me - Imola Yellow S4
dsc04447.jpg dsc04512.jpg dsc04514.jpg Fred - Melange A6 2.8
012807_10581.jpg 012807_10582.jpg   Jenn - Laser Red A4 1.8T
photo _132.jpg     Eric - Silver S4
dsc05211.jpg     Kenny - Silver A4 1.8T

Because there are some duplicates photographed, I'll list them each just once here:
1WillDeep Blue R32
2KlaudiaBlack Passat 1.8T
3Platinum Jetta GLI 1.8T
4Silverstone Passat 1.8T
5MeImola Yellow S4
6MeSilver Golf 1.8T
7MichelleSilver Golf 2.0
8DaveNogaro S4
9KevinBlack S4 (1)
10ChrisSilver S4
11ToniSantorin A4 1.8T
12JohnSilver S4
13CharlesSilver S4
14RonSilver S4
15 TonyUrQ
16JoshSilver S4
17ScottBamboo A4 1.8T
18KevinBlack S4 (2)
19BrianImola Yellow S4
20TonyLaser Red A4 1.8T
21MikeBlack S4
22StephenBlack S4
23FredMelange A6 2.8
24JennLaser Red A4 1.8T
25EricSilver S4
26KennySilver A4 1.8T

Here are some others that I can think of that were not photographed:
1DaveLaser Red A4 1.8T
2ScottZermatt Silver 4000 turbo
3Scott's MomSilver Passat 1.8T
4Scott's DadGrey Allroad 2.7T
5Scott's DadBlack A6 2.8
6KlaudiaTeal Golf 2.0
7TonyAmazon Blue UrQ
8TonyCosmic Green GTi 1.8T
9WillVolcano Black A4 1.8T
10ToniBlue Jetta VR6
11Hyong-JinRed A4 1.8T
12NickSilverstone Passat 1.8T
13SteveMelange A4 1.8T
14RachaelSilver A4 1.8T
15MaramaWhite Jetta 1.8T
16JustinImola Yellow S4
17KevinSilver A4 1.8T
18Mike's FriendsNogaro S4
19MaramaGreen Allroad 2.7T
20MaggieMelange A6 2.7T
21RaulSilver A4 1.8T

Ok, I guess with 45+ Audi/VWs coming and going, my neighbors are justified in their comments :o)