OEM Audi RS4 Euro Headlights

Euros during the day dsc01812.jpg dsc01810.jpg dsc01811.jpg    
US during the day dsc01746.jpg dsc01744.jpg dsc01745.jpg    
US at night dsc01737.jpg dsc01738.jpg dsc01739.jpg    
Euros at night dsc01803.jpg dsc01802.jpg dsc01801.jpg    
City Lights at night (Euros) dsc01807.jpg dsc01805.jpg dsc01806.jpg dsc01808.jpg dsc01809.jpg
Housing differences dsc01750.jpg dsc01751.jpg      
A.) US
B.) no lights
C.) Euros
A.)dsc01747.jpg B.)dsc01764.jpg C.) dsc01813.jpg    
A.) US pattern
B.) Euro pattern
A.)dsc01729.jpg B.)dsc01730.jpg      
A.) US straight on
B.) Euros straight on (fogs off)
A.)dsc01740.jpg B.)dsc01804.jpg      

I chose to have my lights operate as follows:

Headlight Switch Position #1:
Only the City Lights are on

Headlight Switch Position #2:
Everything works like stock (Xenons are on, Parking lights are on, City lights are off)