APR 2.5" exhaust

I originally purchased the turn-down tip exhaust to keep the car stealthy looking. Those tips, however caused sound to bounce off the ground and back into the cabin, so I later had straight tips made out of stainless.  I also purchased the newer '02+ rear valence with the cutout for the tips.  I also replaced the small bullet resonator with the Hushpower2 - this mellowed out the exhaust note as well.  It's still an aggressive sound, but now it's very smooth.  After these photos, I painted the rear facing section of the exhaust can with BBQ paint so it's not as flashy.  It now still retains the stealthy appearance and is easily mistaken for stock.


dsc03014 dsc03017 dsc03021 DSC04355 DSC04372
DSC04436 DSC04437 DSC04438 DSC05581 DSC05583