I also had EPL tune my car on 60lb Seimens injectors.  I should have dyno'd on the APR software at the same time, but did not.

GT28R, 60lb Seimens
EPL -vs- stock

Stock Baseline pulls:

2001.5 is officially rated at 150hp, however VW added boost and a sport turbo which most have found is closer to 170hp, which is what I am seeing below (10% correction factor gives 153wHP/0.9 = 170cHP).  VW had not yet changed the VR6 from 174hp to 200hp and thus why they still marketed the 1.8T as 150hp at this time.  When the VR6 went to 200hp, then the 1.8T was rated at 180hp (with additional changes as well).

Stock 060518_mark_dyno_golf_stock.jpg