Brand: Yakima Model or P/N: see Comments below Price:  
Purchased From: Outdoor Sports Website: Install Date: 12/1/99
Comments: QTR Tower, Q Clips (2*Q72), 48" Bars, Fairing, 6 Locks, 6Pr Big PowderHound


MVC049S.JPG Before After



Outdoor Sports sells both Yakima and Thule.  They felt the Yakima fit better.  One of the employees had the Yakima rack with a PackSport cargo carrier on his A4 sedan, so I checked it out.  They were also in the process of installing a Yakima rack on an older A6 Avant (I think).

I dealt with Brian, who appeared to be the most knowledgeable.  I am waiting for the 48" bars to arrive. I returned on 12/1/99, and he installed it along with my help. He started putting it together inside, and then we finished it outside. As our hands were freezing, Brian was still very friendly and happy to try any different adjustment I suggested.

QTR Tower, Q Clips (2*Q72) & 48" Bars 
6 Locks  
6Pr Big PowderHound