Brand: Dunlop Model or P/N: Winter Sport M2 Price: $115/ea, =$484.90
Purchased From: Tire Rack Website: Install Date: 12/18/99
Comments: 205/55R16

Winter Snow Tires

Monday night, at 9:23PM I ordered 4 Dunlop Winter Sport M2's.  They were "Out of Stock" and expected in 12/8 (wed).

Tuesday night, at 6:09PM I got email confirmation that the tires were sent out of the Delaware warehouse.  Also included in email was UPS tracking numbers.  I check the TireRack website, and they updated the expected day to 12/7

Wed night, tonight, I arrive home at 5PM and the tires are there waiting for me.  I checked the website and the expected day is changed to 12/31, good thing I got them!

How quick is that!!!!

And here they are:

mvc071f.jpg mvc072f.jpg mvc073f.jpg mvc074f.jpg
mvc150f.jpg mvc609f.jpg mvc610f.jpg  
mvc308f.jpg mvc309f.jpg nvc307f.jpg  


The M2's are mounted on my 10-Spoke Stock Sport wheels. I will continue to use this combo for winters. For the Spring-Fall, I have 17" wheels/tires.