Need suggestions for wheels. What else is out there? What fits? Here's the story...
I have an A4, and I will be putting on the new APR brake kit.
I live in CT and need summer and winter rims that will clear this kit. For now, I am told to go based on what fits the S4. So what I need, is suggestions from all of you as to wheels that fit the S4. I have been to TireRack and looked at what they have that fits, but nothing is jumping out at me.
I either want:
17's in summer and 17's in winter or 18's in summer and 17's in winter
I like 5-6 big long spokes that make the wheels look big and show off the brakes.
I'd also like to avoid fake rivots or multi-piece wheels (due to $ and bolts).
But I will consider anything, as I want to make an informed decision, so please give suggestions and post pics.
At this time, I'm not looking for "which one do you like", I'm looking for:
1.) Can you tell me about other rims that I don't have here that seem to fit what I like - to widen my selection.
2.) Can you tell me if any of these fit the S4, since that's the concern with the new brakes.
When I know what is possible, then I'll be asking for which I should get.

Currently I have 17" Mille Miglia Evos and 16 Stock Sport

Here is the stuff I kinda like, for reference:

Mille Miglia EVO (not gonna fit in 17, I thought someone had 18's on an S4 - PLEASE let me know if you know who it is!!!)

Moda R6 - available in 17 or 19. 17 is 17x7.5 and not listed to fit the S4 (DAMN, I love this wheel - maybe an 18 is coming?)

Racing Hart ST6 - know of some 18's that might be for sale. Discontinued though.

TSW Revo - no idea about fitment, but these are 18's. Someone has 17's on a black A4
I'd get silver center caps like this:

Oetinnger RE - these are 18"

IWC Quicksilvers - 18" shown. fits S4. What about 17's? (someone said no)
***I'm seriously considering these for the summer in 18s***

Avant Garde Design SL - 17" shown

Mille Miglia Spiders - what sizes fit S4? I think 16 does, but I know a larger one didn't fit JET's S4
18":mmjames.jpg 17"?:s4spider.jpg

Icon 5
***might do these in 17" for winter***

Icon 6 - 18x8.5

Ace Lolas - do they fit S4 in 17 or 18?

MAS MGR - what size will fit S4?

Axis Se7en - what size will fit S4?

OZ Nova (17" with Porsche 996 / S4 rotor)