Brand: Mille Miglia / Bridgestone Model or P/N: Evo / RE730 Price: $199/ea / $139/ea =$1393
Purchased From: Tire Rack Website: Install Date: 3/25/00
Comments: 17"x8" Wheels, 225/45R17 Tires

17" Wheels / Tires

Some pics of my new wheels:
Mille Miglia EVO - 17x8 ET35 - $199/ea @ TireRack
Bridgestone Potenza RE730 - 225/45ZR17 - $139/ea @ TireRack

mvc590f.jpg mvc592f.jpg mvc593f.jpg mvc594f.jpg
mvc595f.jpg mvc596f.jpg mvc597f.jpg mvc598f.jpg

Ordered 3/20 @ 10AM
Received 3/21 before 5PM
Shipping: $41 for ~200lbs!

Before & After: (To view the 7 full size, before & after pic pairs in a new window, Click Here)

mvc604f.jpg mvc600f.jpg mvc607f.jpg mvc603f.jpg mvc602f.jpg mvc599f.jpg mvc606f.jpg
mvc642f.jpg mvc639f.jpg mvc634f.jpg mvc641f.jpg mvc640f.jpg mvc637f.jpg mvc644f.jpg


mvc608f.jpg mvc611f.jpg mvc612f.jpg  
mvc618f.jpg mvc619f.jpg mvc616f.jpg mvc617f.jpg
mvc613f.jpg mvc614f.jpg mvc615f.jpg  
mvc620f.jpg mvc621f.jpg mvc622f.jpg mvc632f.jpg
mvc623f.jpg mvc624f.jpg mvc625f.jpg mvc626f.jpg
mvc628f.jpg mvc629f.jpg mvc630f.jpg mvc631f.jpg
mvc645f.jpg mvc646f.jpg mvc635f.jpg mvc636f.jpg