First, to remove the knee bolster, there are 4 bolts. Without touching anything, you are only able to see 1 of them. That one is on the lower right side. The 2nd one is hidden behind the fuse panel cover. Remove that (flat head screwdriver) and you'll see it. The 2 others are hidden behind rectangle (1" x 3" and 1" x 6") trim pieces. Use a flathead to remove these and you'll see the other two. After you have all 4 out, be careful pulling the piece out because the ODBII connector and the footwell light will still be attached. As you pull the assembly rearward, you'll see that you can reach in and unclip those connectors from the assembly.

As for the wiring, I decided not to use the little wire splice thingy. Instead I got a crimp-on ring connector. I crimped that on to the red power wire and attached it to the yellow bolt.