Someday I may upgrade the stock stereo. To brainstorm, I figured I would take apart some panels to see what would be possible. Here's what I found:

Should be easy enough to get in two full-DIN units up front.
Front doors can handle 5.25"
Rear doors can handle 6.5"
Rear deck can handle 6.5"


Head Unit mvc907f.jpg mvc908f.jpg mvc909f.jpg mvc910f.jpg mvc911f.jpg mvc912f.jpg
Driver's Door mvc913f.jpg mvc914f.jpg mvc915f.jpg mvc001f.jpg mvc002f.jpg  
Left Rear Door mvc003f.jpg mvc004f.jpg mvc005f.jpg mvc015f.jpg    
Rear Deck mvc006f.jpg mvc007f.jpg mvc008f.jpg mvc009f.jpg mvc010f.jpg mvc011f.jpg
  mvc012f.jpg mvc013f.jpg        
Wide Shot mvc014f.jpg