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Brand: Kicker Model or P/N: Solobaric 12" Price: $205/ea, in'97
Purchased From: TMS Electronics Website: Install Date: Summer '00
Comments: Kicker website:

Sub Enclosure:
For my subs [pair, 12" Kicker Solobarics] and amp [Cadence 6Ch Class A RMS: 75Wx2 @4ohms (front) + 150Wx2 @2ohms (rear doors and rear deck) + 450Wx1 @2ohms (subs)], I have constructed a box out of 3/4 MDF. The enclosure will be sealed and filled with the appropriate amount of polyfill. The box is angled on the front edge to match the back of the rear seat. Thus, the subs will fire into the car (not the trunk). The front of the box will have a decorative finish witch is composed of multiple layers of MDF, some of which are fiberglassed over and then painted. Looking at the bottom left picture, the "oval" has since been fiberglassed (see bottom right picture) and then painted gloss black. The area outside of the oval will be covered with a small amount of padding and then a fabric which matches the rear deck material. This portion of the enclosure will fit perfectly to fill the opening to the trunk. If you notice that the middle section of the oval is recessed, this is where a piece of aluminum cut to the Audi rings will reside. Look in the pics at the bottom of this page to see the rings. These rings are designed such that the outer two rings share the same axis's as the subs, and thus are centered about each. The rings act as a speaker grille.

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