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Brand: Cadence Model or P/N: 6.5 Kit Price: $135
Purchased From: TMS Electronics Website: Install Date: Summer '00
Comments: Cadence website:

Rear Deck:
For the rear deck, I mounted another set of 6.5" Cadence components. I purchased the MB Quart speaker adapters to aid in the install of the mids. No mods here other than a little foam tape to avoid some rattling. For the tweets, I modified the stock grille in a way such that the tweet just pops through an unused portion of it. I painted the tweeter grille to match the stock speaker grille.

mvc377f.jpg mvc378f.jpg mvc379f.jpg mvc380f.jpg mvc381f.jpg
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mvc387f.jpg mvc388f.jpg mvc389f.jpg mvc390f.jpg mvc391f.jpg