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Brand: Cadence Model or P/N: 6.5 Kit Price: $135
Purchased From: TMS Electronics Website: Install Date: Summer '00
Comments: Cadence website:
Brand: OEM Audi

Model or P/N:
8D0-035-435-1EJ (Left or Right?)
8D0-035-436-1EJ (other side)
Price: $$23.84 Total
Purchased From: Clair Parts Website: Install Date: Summer '00

Rear Doors:
I do not have the Bose upgrade, so thus I have no stock speakers in my rear doors. I purchased the stock speaker grilles if I did have speakers there. I mounted my Cadence 6.5 components behind those grilles and flush mounted the tweeters. Originally I mounted the speaker to the door panel and later found it easier to mount to the door frame instead.

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