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The first pic shows some extra speaker wire in the kick panel. This is because I did not leave any slack in the door, so should I need to remove the door, this will allow me to. All speaker wire is 12ga. The other 3 pics show where I drilled through the firewall to route my red 4ga power wire.

mvc351f.jpg mvc416f.jpg mvc417f.jpg mvc418f.jpg  
mvc439f.jpg mvc440f.jpg mvc438f.jpg mvc444f.jpg mvc445f.jpg
mvc403f.jpg mvc441f.jpg mvc442f.jpg mvc443f.jpg  


Here's most of the stuff I had as I began working

mvc291f.jpg mvc292f.jpg mvc293f.jpg mvc294f.jpg mvc295f.jpg
mvc296f.jpg mvc297f.jpg

Here's most of my car - I noticed later that the rear seat side bolsters were out of the car, but missing from the pics. Somehow, I managed not to have too many leftover parts when I put everything back together :o)

mvc406f.jpg mvc407f.jpg mvc408f.jpg mvc409f.jpg mvc410f.jpg
mvc411f.jpg mvc412f.jpg mvc413f.jpg mvc414f.jpg mvc415f.jpg