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Brand: Pioneer Model or P/N: DEHP725, DEQ9200 Price: $440.$335
Purchased From: TMS Electronics Website: Install Date: Summer '00
Comments: Pioneer website:

Head Unit & EQ/DSP:
I'll be using a Pioneer Fold-Down CD Player along with a full-DIN EQ in place of the Symphony unit. I will be recessing these and then covering them with a fake front plate which will contain a Concert headunit face. This has been quite tedious and is currently in progress. I needed to file off some parts of the cage that's in the last pic. Well, as I started, I realized that it was not black plastic, but instead painted aluminum. Instead of a quick dremel job, I got out the metal file and a little elbow grease.

mvc393f.jpg mvc394f.jpg mvc395f.jpg mvc396f.jpg mvc397f.jpg
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