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Brand: Cadence Model or P/N: 5.25 Kit Price: $125
Purchased From: TMS Electronics Website: Install Date: Summer '00
Comments: Cadence website:

Front Doors:
The front doors will contain a set of Cadence 5.25" components. They have an aluminum alloy mid, silk tweeter, and Xover. I purchased the MB Quart adapter rings and had to modify them to fit with the large magnet (20oz) structures. I also had to modify the doors slightly as well (dremel away some plastic). The tweets are mounted in the stock location. Look at the stock tweets (foam!) compared to the Cadence ones.

mvc327f.jpg mvc328f.jpg mvc329f.jpg mvc336f.jpg mvc337f.jpg
mvc330f.jpg mvc331f.jpg mvc346f.jpg mvc347f.jpg  
mvc338f.jpg mvc339f.jpg mvc340f.jpg mvc341f.jpg  
mvc343f.jpg mvc344f.jpg mvc345f.jpg mvc349f.jpg mvc350f.jpg