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Brand: Cadence Model or P/N: A6 Price: $695
Purchased From: TMS Electronics Website: Install Date: Summer '00
Comments: Cadence website:

Amp Enclosure:

The amp is flipped around and mounted to the front side of the board with the ring siloette cut out. There is a 1/4" plexi piece between the amp and the board. The amp also has a plexi bottom to it.. Below that are the crossovers for the 3 sets of compnent speakers. Also, the enclosure is a size such that it does not interfere with removal of the spare tire. I have since added (3) 1 farad capacitors, and mounted everything in a temporary fashion, until I know exactly what I am going to do.

mvc503f.jpg mvc504f.jpg mvc505f.jpg
mvc506f.jpg mvc507f.jpg mvc508f.jpg mvc509f.jpg mvc510f.jpg
mvc511f.jpg mvc512f.jpg mvc523f.jpg mvc524f.jpg mvc525f.jpg
mvc526f.jpg mvc552f.jpg mvc553f.jpg mvc554f.jpg mvc555f.jpg
mvc556f.jpg mvc557f.jpg mvc558f.jpg mvc559f.jpg mvc560f.jpg
mvc561f.jpg mvc562f.jpg mvc563f.jpg mvc564f.jpg mvc565f.jpg
mvc566f.jpg mvc567f.jpg mvc568f.jpg mvc569f.jpg mvc570f.jpg
mvc571f.jpg mvc572f.jpg mvc573f.jpg mvc574f.jpg mvc577f.jpg
mvc578f.jpg mvc579f.jpg mvc580f.jpg mvc581f.jpg mvc582f.jpg
mvc583f.jpg mvc584f.jpg mvc585f.jpg mvc586f.jpg mvc587f.jpg
mvc588f.jpg mvc589f.jpg mvc590f.jpg mvc591f.jpg mvc592f.jpg
mvc593f.jpg mvc594f.jpg mvc595f.jpg mvc596f.jpg mvc597f.jpg
mvc598f.jpg mvc599f.jpg mvc4193f.jpg  

amp internals