Sub Enclosure:
For my subs [pair, 12" Kicker Solobarics] and amp [Cadence 6Ch Class A RMS: 75Wx2 @4ohms (front) + 150Wx2 @2ohms (rear doors and rear deck) + 450Wx1 @2ohms (subs)], I have constructed a box out of 3/4 MDF. The enclosure will be sealed and filled with the appropriate amount of polyfill. The box is angled on the front edge to match the back of the rear seat. Thus, the subs will fire into the car (not the trunk). The front of the box will have a decorative finish witch is composed of multiple layers of MDF, some of which are fiberglassed over and then painted. Looking at the bottom left picture, the "oval" has since been fiberglassed (see bottom right picture) and then painted gloss black. The area outside of the oval will be covered with a small amount of padding and then a fabric which matches the rear deck material. This portion of the enclosure will fit perfectly to fill the opening to the trunk. If you notice that the middle section of the oval is recessed, this is where a piece of aluminum cut to the Audi rings will reside. Look in the pics at the bottom of this page to see the rings. These rings are designed such that the outer two rings share the same axis's as the subs, and thus are centered about each. The rings act as a speaker grille.

This router is my friend :o)

mvc199f.jpg mvc200f.jpg mvc201f.jpg mvc202f.jpg mvc203f.jpg
mvc204f.jpg mvc205f.jpg mvc206f.jpg mvc207f.jpg mvc208f.jpg
mvc209f.jpg mvc210f.jpg mvc211f.jpg mvc269f.jpg mvc270f.jpg
mvc428f.jpg mvc429f.jpg mvc430f.jpg mvc431f.jpg mvc432f.jpg
mvc433f.jpg mvc434f.jpg mvc435f.jpg mvc436f.jpg mvc437f.jpg
mvc466f.jpg mvc467f.jpg mvc468f.jpg mvc469f.jpg mvc470f.jpg
mvc471f.jpg mvc472f.jpg mvc473f.jpg mvc474f.jpg mvc475f.jpg
mvc476f.jpg mvc477f.jpg mvc478f.jpg mvc479f.jpg mvc480f.jpg
mvc481f.jpg mvc482f.jpg mvc483f.jpg mvc484f.jpg mvc485f.jpg
mvc486f.jpg mvc487f.jpg mvc488f.jpg mvc489f.jpg mvc490f.jpg
mvc491f.jpg mvc492f.jpg mvc493f.jpg mvc494f.jpg mvc495f.jpg
mvc496f.jpg mvc497f.jpg mvc498f.jpg mvc500f.jpg mvc499f.jpg
mvc502f.jpg mvc501f.jpg mvc3833f.jpg

Amp Enclosure:

The amp is flipped around and mounted to the front side of the board with the ring siloette cut out. There is a 1/4" plexi piece between the amp and the board. The amp also has a plexi bottom to it.. Below that are the crossovers for the 3 sets of compnent speakers. Also, the enclosure is a size such that it does not interfere with removal of the spare tire. I have since added (3) 1 farad capacitors, and mounted everything in a temporary fashion, until I know exactly what I am going to do.

mvc503f.jpg mvc504f.jpg mvc505f.jpg
mvc506f.jpg mvc507f.jpg mvc508f.jpg mvc509f.jpg mvc510f.jpg
mvc511f.jpg mvc512f.jpg mvc523f.jpg mvc524f.jpg mvc525f.jpg
mvc526f.jpg mvc552f.jpg mvc553f.jpg mvc554f.jpg mvc555f.jpg
mvc556f.jpg mvc557f.jpg mvc558f.jpg mvc559f.jpg mvc560f.jpg
mvc561f.jpg mvc562f.jpg mvc563f.jpg mvc564f.jpg mvc565f.jpg
mvc566f.jpg mvc567f.jpg mvc568f.jpg mvc569f.jpg mvc570f.jpg
mvc571f.jpg mvc572f.jpg mvc573f.jpg mvc574f.jpg mvc577f.jpg
mvc578f.jpg mvc579f.jpg mvc580f.jpg mvc581f.jpg mvc582f.jpg
mvc583f.jpg mvc584f.jpg mvc585f.jpg mvc586f.jpg mvc587f.jpg
mvc588f.jpg mvc589f.jpg mvc590f.jpg mvc591f.jpg mvc592f.jpg
mvc593f.jpg mvc594f.jpg mvc595f.jpg mvc596f.jpg mvc597f.jpg
mvc598f.jpg mvc599f.jpg mvc4193f.jpg  

Front Doors:
The front doors will contain a set of Cadence 5.25" components. They have an aluminum alloy mid, silk tweeter, and Xover. I purchased the MB Quart adapter rings and had to modify them to fit with the large magnet (20oz) structures. I also had to modify the doors slightly as well (dremel away some plastic). The tweets are mounted in the stock location. Look at the stock tweets (foam!) compared to the Cadence ones.

mvc327f.jpg mvc328f.jpg mvc329f.jpg mvc336f.jpg mvc337f.jpg
mvc330f.jpg mvc331f.jpg mvc346f.jpg mvc347f.jpg  
mvc338f.jpg mvc339f.jpg mvc340f.jpg mvc341f.jpg  
mvc343f.jpg mvc344f.jpg mvc345f.jpg mvc349f.jpg mvc350f.jpg

Rear Doors:

I do not have the Bose upgrade, so thus I have no stock speakers in my rear doors. I purchased the stock speaker grilles if I did have speakers there. I mounted my Cadence 6.5 components behind those grilles and flush mounted the tweeters. Originally I mounted the speaker to the door panel and later found it easier to mount to the door frame instead.

mvc286f.jpg mvc287f.jpg mvc288f.jpg mvc289f.jpg mvc290f.jpg
mvc298f.jpg mvc299f.jpg mvc300f.jpg mvc301f.jpg mvc302f.jpg
mvc303f.jpg mvc319f.jpg mvc320f.jpg mvc321f.jpg mvc322f.jpg
mvc323f.jpg mvc324f.jpg mvc325f.jpg mvc326f.jpg mvc334f.jpg
mvc335f.jpg mvc379f.jpg      

Rear Deck:
For the rear deck, I mounted another set of 6.5" Cadence components. I purchased the MB Quart speaker adapters to aid in the install of the mids. No mods here other than a little foam tape to avoid some rattling. For the tweets, I modified the stock grille in a way such that the tweet just pops through an unused portion of it. I painted the tweeter grille to match the stock speaker grille.

mvc377f.jpg mvc378f.jpg mvc379f.jpg mvc380f.jpg mvc381f.jpg
mvc382f.jpg mvc383f.jpg mvc384f.jpg mvc385f.jpg mvc386f.jpg
mvc387f.jpg mvc388f.jpg mvc389f.jpg mvc390f.jpg mvc391f.jpg

Head Unit:
I'll be using a Pioneer Fold-Down CD Player along with a full-DIN EQ in place of the Symphony unit. I will be recessing these and then covering them with a fake front plate which will contain a Concert headunit face. This has been quite tedious and is currently in progress. I needed to file off some parts of the cage that's in the last pic. Well, as I started, I realized that it was not black plastic, but instead painted aluminum. Instead of a quick dremel job, I got out the metal file and a little elbow grease.

mvc393f.jpg mvc394f.jpg mvc395f.jpg mvc396f.jpg mvc397f.jpg
mvc398f.jpg mvc399f.jpg mvc401f.jpg mvc404f.jpg mvc405f.jpg
mvc421f.jpg mvc422f.jpg mvc575f.jpg mvc576f.jpg mvc684f.jpg
mvc685f.jpg mvc686f.jpg mvc687f.jpg mvc688f.jpg mvc689f.jpg
mvc690f.jpg mvc691f.jpg mvc692f.jpg mvc693f.jpg mvc694f.jpg
mvc886f.jpg mvc887f.jpg mvc889f.jpg mvc4173f.jpg mvc4183f.jpg

The first pic shows some extra speaker wire in the kick panel. This is because I did not leave any slack in the door, so should I need to remove the door, this will allow me to. All speaker wire is 12ga. The other 3 pics show where I drilled through the firewall to route my red 4ga power wire.

mvc351f.jpg mvc416f.jpg mvc417f.jpg mvc418f.jpg mvc438f.jpg
mvc439f.jpg mvc440f.jpg mvc441f.jpg mvc442f.jpg mvc443f.jpg
mvc444f.jpg mvc445f.jpg      


Here's most of the stuff I had as I began working

mvc291f.jpg mvc292f.jpg mvc293f.jpg mvc294f.jpg mvc295f.jpg
mvc296f.jpg mvc297f.jpg

CD Changer:
I plan to mount my Pioneer 12 disc CD Changer in the stock location. some modification may be needed.

mvc876f.jpg mvc877f.jpg mvc878f.jpg mvc879f.jpg