Brand: Audi OEM

Model or P/N: S4 Aluminum Trim
8D1-853-189-K-9PD (L Dash)
8D1-853-190-AK-9PD (R Dash)
8D0-867-409-M-9PD (LF Door)
8D0-867-410-M-9PD (Door)
8D0-867-419-M-9PD (Door)
8D0-867-420-M-9PD (Door)
Price: $139.27 (Total)
Purchased From: Clair Parts Website: Install Date: Summer '00


Instead of stripping the A4's stock trim, I decided to purchase the S4 Aluminum Trim. I like it because: it still has a texture to it, I don't have to worry about having it looking to much like chrome, I don't have the time right now to strip down the trim, and I don't have to worry about any oxidation. It looks great.

mvc330f.jpg mvc331f.jpg mvc334f.jpg mvc333f.jpg mvc332f.jpg
mvc336f.jpg mvc337f.jpg mvc335f.jpg mvc348f.jpg  


mvc350f.jpg mvc397f.jpg mvc398f.jpg mvc399f.jpg
mvc401f.jpg mvc402f.jpg mvc404f.jpg mvc405f.jpg