Brand: WeatherTech Model or P/N: W3, W10, & 40161 Price: $45, $35, $90
Purchased From: WeatherTech Website: Install Date: 1/00


Here are some pics of the WeatherTech Mats that I purchased for my car. They are model W3 for the fronts and W10 for the rears. I will be getting the trunk liner as well, but at this point it is still in development (for the 99.5-00 years).

Driver mvc062f.jpg mvc063f.jpg mvc064f.jpg
Pass mvc006s.jpg mvc007s.jpg mvc008s.jpg
Rear mvc061f.jpg mvc065f.jpg  
Trunk Before mvc158f.jpg mvc154f.jpg mvc153f.jpg
Trunk After mvc155f.jpg mvc157f.jpg mvc156f.jpg

Front: W101 (W3) $45

Rear: W103 (W10) $35

Trunk: 40161 $90 (arrived 1/28/00)

A shipping charge of $8/pr for the mats $9 for the trunk liner is added, however if you order all at once, they only charge you a flat $8 shipping, bringing the total to $178


I plan to leave these in for just the winter months and then return to the stock ones for the spring, summer, and fall. However I have also considered leaving these in year-round and keeping the stock ones in perfect shape should I want that "new" look if I sell the car in future... Now it's winter '01, and I have used these just for the winter and the stock ones otherwise.