3/00: During 15K service at Valenti Audi , the regional rep was determining if they would cover cracked windshield and paint bubble on front bumper cover. I ended up with this 98.5 Audi A4 2.8 Avant for 1 day.

mvc518f.jpg mvc519f.jpg

5/00: During 20K service at Valenti Audi, they were also painting my front bumper cover. I ended up withdh a 99 VW Beetle as a loaner for X days.

mvc903f.jpg mvc904f.jpg mvc905f.jpg mvc906f.jpg

6/22/00: During 25K Service @ Valenti, rear bumper gets painted. I get the same A4 Avant again.


9/18/00-9/-/00: During my 35K Service @ Valenti, they were also inspecting my passenger seat to see if they could fix a spring that is starting to push outwards on the seatback. I was about to get a white Beetle, but (enjoying driving *different* cars) I was able to get this '97 Audi A6 Avant.

mvc280f.jpg mvc281f.jpg

11/15-16: During my 40K service, I had them check into some occasional squeeks from my suspension. So, I ended up with a '99 VW Beetle for the day. Notice that this one is different from the previous one I had as it doesn't have foglights.

mvc484f.jpg mvc485f.jpg

During my 50K service, I received a 2001 VW Golf as a loaner:

mvc745f.jpg mvc746f.jpg