I sold my car, but here's what I was planning..........


Here's what I have in store for the future. A combination of a To-Do List and a Wish List:

License Plate Frame
Received a 'brushed aluminum Quattro' plate frame. When spring arrives, I will debadge and add this frame. At the same time, I will cut the stock black plastic behind the plate so it doesn't stick out below the frame.

APR Brakes on order. 332x32 Rotors. 4 Pot Calipers
Upgrade rear brakes per the FAQ -or- just swap out rear rotors for x-drilled ones ???

Due to brakes, I need diff wheels. 17s or 18s that will fit the S4 are required. Check my Wheels/Tire page for my current thoughts

APR Springs w/ Koni shocks. To be ordered as soon as springs are ready

Selling my Ver1 APR Exhaust and purchasing the Ver2 APR Exhaust, as soon as it's ready.

1.) Replace an RCA wire and possible add a ground loop isolater to reduce the small amount of "engine noise" that I have.
2.) Finish up area around headunit. Paint aluminum piece black, add small pieces of black plexi where needed.
3.) Install CD Changer. Have to modify stock CD Changer bracket to fit 12 disc changer
4.) Take off driver's door panel to see where occasional noise/rattle is coming from (speaker basket?)
5.) Rearrange Amp & Caps

Hands-Free Cell Phone Kit
I already have a kit for my Samsung 3500, I just need to install it - "that's all" :o)

Turbo Timer
Purchase and install a Greddy Turbo Timer III into the cupholder location (or elsewhere, as I see fit)

Shift Light
Looking for a small shift light (possibly 2-stage)

Taillight Mod
I'm pro-amberturnsignals. Therefore, I plan to mod my rear lights to achieve this. Here's my plans for my '00 tails...

Stock   Mod
Fog -> Fog
Red Turnsignal -> Brake
Reverse -> Amber Turnsignal / Reverse
Taillight / Brake -> Taillight

Lower Molding
Paint lower body molding - after seeing how Ron_C's holds up through the winter. - or purchase some S4 pieces?