Foglight Mod

As per "Pete S4"'s FAQ on Audiworld, I have performed a modification to my foglights on my 2000 A4. The result is that now I am able to turn on my foglights whenever my car is on (or in the ACC position), regardless of the current state of my headlights. This also means that the foglights do not turn off when you turn on the high beams as it was originally configured.

In order to accomplish this, you must remove the relay module seen below, open it up, solder a wire between 3 contacts, and cut off 3 of the external pins.

Solder pins 14, 15 & 17 together by way of a wire or two internally
Cut off pins 12, 15 & 17


Closed up relay module mvc788f.jpg
Pin side mvc789f.jpg
Pin numbers. We'll cut off Pins 12, 15 & 17 mvc790f.jpg
After carefully prying open, the circuit board is revealed mvc791f.jpg
View of bottom of board mvc792f.jpg
View of where the pins connect to the board
The lower right is where we will connect pins 14, 15 & 17
View of wire soldered between Pins 14, 15 & 17 mvc796f.jpg
Cut off and filed Pins 12, 15 & 17 mvc797f.jpg
Snap housing back together mvc798f.jpg
See the module in there? (with 931 308 on it) mvc799f.jpg
Kinda tight getting your hand in there to replace it mvc800f.jpg
View of glove box open. Be sure to reconnect the black
plastic piece on the left side - it's the dampened release.
A pic of the fogs on without any other lights on mvc802f.jpg
Fog lights still on when brights are turned on. Xenon :o) mvc803f.jpg