Brand: APEX'i Model or P/N: 403-A028 Price: $125 ($165 suggested retail)
Purchased From: Friend Website: Install Date: 7/29/00
Comments: EL Series, 60mm (2.36") Boost Mechanical PSI White


I installed an APEX'i mechanical boost gauge with white face, indiglo backlighting and measured in PSI (to 30 p.s.i.). There was already an unused grommet in the firewall which allowed me access to the engine bay. The APEX gauge comes complete with mounting ring (not used), "T" connector, air filter, zip ties, wire taps, and instructions. I cut a piece of 1/8" plexi and covered it with black contact paper and then glued it into the center vent. The vent was prepared by removing the open/close damper, and dremeling away some of the plastic. Grommets were used to seal aroung the area wher the power and hose got into the vent from under the dash.

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